Christ.. A tribute to both Alan and Tom and their enduring friendship. Thank you for sharing Tom Xx


You asked how it began.

The First Time.

The first time I met him was in my room at Raymont. I was standing on my balcony smoking. It was a sunny afternnon in early October 1972. The day before I had returned from a holiday in Spain with a broken relationship, a sun tan and 200 Spanish cigarettes. My Mam and Dad had just left, bursting with pride that their son had gone to university. My door was open and the strong pungent smell of continental tobacco drifted onto the corridor. He walked by, smelt the air and walked in.

He said his name was Alan and asked for a  cigarette. He said he was from Southampton and had arrived earlier. I remember his long hair and the smell of Old Spice. We talked about nothing, anxious to fill the void. Trying hard not to show that this was all…

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