Damning indictment of UK housing at the moment that an idea so obvious, basic and natural has to be held up as a shining example? OF COURSE we need to get the experts in to do what the experts are expert in… I hope more people start to think like Neil as I like working with people with as passion and focus. Poor Jancye isn’t an IT expert, neither am I,so why expect her to solve the sectors issues and innovate new ideas around IT systems? I do believe operational staff MUST feed into IT systems, as there’s nothing worse than something being delivered fully formed having been designed purely from an IT bells and whistles stand point. But Let Jancye be good at what she does, the IT bods do what they do and people like Neil can carry on with the blogs, and filling up the swear jar..

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If housing was given its end of year report there is one area that would, consistently, get a ‘must try harder’ mark, IT.  However, a bit like the overweight kid secretly helping themselves to extra pie in the small hours, we are in serious denial as a sector, both about where we are in terms of using IT, and where we should be.

At the moment I am back at the hotel du Mom ‘n’ Pops (cheers sodding expensive to live in Britain) but I had, until the back end of last year, been away from the nest for the better part of a 7 years.  During this period a substantial amount of changes to the way in which I paid my bills, did my banking or even ordered my beloved pizza happened. All can now be done without phoning anyone or even turning on my PC (yes I have…

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