We need to get much better at highlighting the social and economic benefits of social housing. I mean really, this should be selling itself! That it doesn’t speaks volumes about the attitude of people and the mountain of work in front of us… Want to go 5 for 5 and let me know who will win the World Cup! Great blog Neil, spot on.

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So the last Parliamentary session looks like it will be bringing no surprises to the table for housing.  Right to buy and help to buy look set to continue and the HCA looks set to get hold of more public land to handover for development.  Other than that it was barely worth tuning in to see our ‘Liz read through a speech that was shorter than a lot of fairy-tales.

On the subject of tales, the sector is finally getting the notion that more personal accounts of the impact of social housing are needed in the on-going PR war against years of negative press.  Blog’s from the likes of Tom Murtha and all the others at Council Homes Chat have helped to give voice to those who have benefited from social housing.  Last week a piece of research released from the Housing Network, part of the Guardian, gave housing professionals…

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