I do understand. This blog highlights the issues I was having with the studs and the reaction to them on twitter and Facebook. Quite rightly it was met with revulsion but after a bit I did start to think that perhaps we were angry with the studs as a symptom rather than looking at the cause.perhaps because the cause is much more difficult to sort out. It’s 2014, people shouldn’t be desperate enough to need to seek shelter in doorways. We need to look beyond the studs and ask why this is still the case. Why aren’t we building enough affordable homes? Are there enough hostel places, accessible accommodation? The policy is the bad guy here,not the studs. Perhaps we would help more people if we questioned that? Great post, a lot of food for thought.

Our Castle's Strength

Anti-Homelessness studs to deter rough sleeping installed outside flats in London have prompted outcry...but the real problem isn't the studs. Anti-homelessness studs installed outside flats in London to deter rough sleeping have prompted outrage…but the studs only point to a more fundamental issue we must address.

The Story

There is a new addition to a set of privately-owned flats on Southwark Bridge Road, London – inch-long metal studs installed into an area of sheltered concrete floor outside the communal entrance. According to the residents, the studs were installed with the intention of deterring homeless people from sleeping rough in the doorway.

“There was a homeless man asleep there about six weeks ago. Then about two weeks ago all of a sudden studs were put up outside. I presume it is to deter homeless people from sleeping there.” – Resident, speaking to The Guardian newspaper.

The picture above provoked a outburst of righteous indignation on Twitter, with comparisons being drawn to metal ‘pigeon spikes’ used to deter birds from roosting in…

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