What's the PONT

20140504-213510.jpg It always pleases my wife when I quote Elvis, so here goes…..  “A little less conversation, a little more action please”.  No hidden meaning there, so lets move on, swiftly.

Well, as it turns out Conversation is ActionPam Luckock told me at a Working With Not To event recently.

This comes as a huge relief, as I seem to spend most of my time having conversations. Justifying that I am actually achieving something in these conversations has been nagging away at me for ages.

Here are two things that help me keep on track, and remember that I am doing something useful; ‘We learn when we talk’ and Nemawashi. So, who fancies some Japanese?

Nemawashi – ‘digging around the roots’.  Thanks to Stewart Greenwell for sharing this.  Nemawashi, is a Japanese word that means ‘an informal process of quietly laying the foundations for change or new…

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